About Us

We make the space; you fill it by Revolutionize workspace experience

Our Story

Every community needs a story - you'll be a part of ours.

Utopia is the first co-working space in Melaka which is about to bring social change by creating a lifestyle co-working space within a business community. We are giving you the ability to pursue a purpose in empowering startups, small medium business and freelancers in Melaka.

Utopia is so much more than just a coworking space. It's a community, a melting pot of inspiring individuals from every corner of the globe.

We are all bored sitting in a conventional working space but Utopia is unique with the members are diverse, transient and cosmopolitan, and we hope you will benefit greatly from having such a colourful stream of amazing people in our space, connecting and engaging with people on many different levels.

You will have the choice of working in a community with 203 seats that are working towards the same goal. Creating projects and discussing ideas from different perspectives consisting of 65 types of business industries. Remember, we never settle for less. We try new things, we challenge convention, and we're not afraid to fail.

So behold. Because we are a team of creators, leaders, self-starters and innovator. And we are definitely in this together. Despite we are hell-bent on believing in the power of caring and giving to our community, especially becoming the source of love. We get things done here and we get it done well. So, be persistent and knock down walls-literally if you have to. Because you have our permission.

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Our Vision

is to create a global workspace network that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members.

Our Mission

  • To our members, a workspace to create a life, not just a living.
  • To our employee, a rewarding career.
  • To our business partner, a reliable long term relationships.
  • To our community, a responsible corporate citizen.


  • To Durian Tunggal
  • To Taman Seri Bayan
  • To Meleka Airport
  • To Jonker Street
  • To Bandaraya Melaka
  • To Ayer Keroh Tol

Our Clientele

A Space For
Connection and

A purpose in providing the needs of a community filled with innovators and entrepreneurs. We collaborate with established corporations, as well as investors and leading influencers from different industries.

    Meet the community behind the scene :
  • Freelancer
  • Small Agencies
  • Remote & Part-time Worker
  • Property and other business development agency
  • Internet business agency
  • Satellite and established team of local big corporation or
  • Satellite and established team of outstation corporation